TAS Profile Scanner's Free TAS Boxes Analysis Gives Market Profile At-a-Glance

The TAS Profile Scanner is not just a complete market analysis tool that actively monitors nearly countless stocks, indices and more -- it comes with a built-in copy of our most popular Market Profile analytical chart indicator, TAS Boxes.

TAS Boxes combines a powerful swing/Value Area detection algorithm along with a simplified Market Profile "box" to give you an idea of what price the biggest volume is trading at. It's one of the most popular indicators in the TAS Indicators package, as it gives an easily-read idea of the current value area and a projection of what's possibly to come. For an in-depth look at the TAS Boxes indicator, click here.

If you're a user of the TAS Profile Scanner, you can easily see the last several boxes for hundreds of different symbols by simply going to the Dashboard (or any listing of instruments) and selecting a symbol.

In the example pictured here, I'm looking at the detail page of GOOG. Along with the different areas showing various analytical...

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